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The main topic of our discussion today is the ways to earn money by writing, and how you can earn money with the help of a phone while sitting at home. In today’s article, we will know the full details about all these issues.

Making money at home with the help of a mobile phone is not a difficult task, nor is it an easy task. Because there are thousands of sources of income online. If you work in any of them, you will get paid and we will know about all the things that you don’t have to worry about.

If we know these things well, it will be possible to get a job in the marketplace. Since we will be earn money with the help of mobile phones sitting at home, it will be convenient for us to choose a specific marketplace. There are many marketplaces for income by writing. Again, some marketplaces have been created just for article writers. Then you can understand how big this sector is.

Earn Money Online 2022:

I will know the names of some such marketplaces and how to work. If you are interested in doing article writing, you need to be able to do very good research. If you can’t do the right research and write the wrong thing about it. However, you will not last long in this sector.


With this marketplace, you can start your work. Because there is a lot of work to be done here, and if you want to get your work started successfully, this marketplace will be a boon for newcomers. You will better monitor the accounts of people in your category.

And inspired by them to create a gig of their own with specific descriptions. But keep in mind that the gig is attractive. Make the images of Gig better. Because in this case, the image of the gig has a lot of effect on your ranking.

In the first stage, keep the price of your gig a little lower. Gradually get a little Baraban E after work. In this way, the price is gradually increased otherwise you will not be able to expand the scope of work.

If any buyer messages you after publishing Gig here to know more about this, you must treat it nicely. You have to understand what he wants, you have to take everything from him. If he gives any keywords, then he will research those keywords accordingly. Low-competition will find some more keywords.

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After finding out, write the details about it in the way the buyer wants. However, in some cases, you can charge separately for 1000 words + 2000 words separately. Of course, you have to satisfy the buyer by writing, then you will get more work later.


Here you need to create separate accounts to work and to work. And the work here is a little different from Fiverr. You will be given free credit every month after opening a new account. Buyers will post details about hiring writers or what content is needed and you will have to bid there. And you can deduct some amount of credit per bid.

Although this sector is very good for professionals. However, the price of work is kept much higher here. And who cares about the buyer’s opinion just as much as you would any other professional? Try to understand what he wants.


This sector is only open to writers, here you can easily sell your written content, you will want the word-based medium range price of the content in the first stage, and increase the price gradually as the demand for workers increases. And if the buyer wants an article on a specific topic, if he comes to you, talk to him in a good way and you will understand the details. Then do detailed research about that. And show the buyer.

It is possible to earn around $ 300- $ 1000 per month through all these jobs, and if you become a professional and spend some more time behind them, your income will double. You can do all these things at home with the help of a mobile, laptop, or computer very nicely.

Apart from these marketplaces, there are many other small and big local and foreign marketplaces where it is possible to Earn Money by writing at home. If you benefit from reading this article, you can read more articles on

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