YouTube Earn Free Gold Omega Legends

The main progression system rewards you with different prizes the moment you reach a certain threshold. You can also earn free gold by finishing daily activities.

Doing daily objectives will earn you activity points that will unlock even more rewards every day and every week. Go ahead and take advantage of these rewards so you can earn gold for free.

Join Guilds For Even More Rewards

If you are playing many matches in Omega Legends, you will have to spend a lot of your time talking to other players. If you are interested in the game’s social aspect, you can join a guild and get rewarded for doing so.

Having a guild has a lot of advantages. I always play with my guildmates to increase my chances of winning. The more we play together, the more guild points we gather.

Soon, we can grab exclusive rewards from using guild points, including free gold and other freebies. Make sure to join guilds whenever possible and befriend all the players.

Practice Using All Weapons

Aside from the skills of each hero, you will also need to learn how to shoot your weapons. There are a lot of weapons in Omega Legends, and each of them requires a specific proficiency.

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