What’s In The New Roblox Ban Wave?

Roblox is quickly becoming an international phenomenon thanks to its fun and unique gaming concepts. The idea of having to hold two items together to form a three-dimensional shape is incredibly fun, but the concept of combining items to form objects of a specific shape is an even better experience. Roblox has taken this idea to a new level with the use of vending machines. Robotic machines called Roboquad are now lining the sides of streets in cities all over the world. Now, Roblox isn’t simply targeting young players who break online rules; instead, they’re focusing on adults who seek a more social interaction experience while playing the game.

So, why is Roblox banning accounts on the platform in the future? Roblox claims that they’re implementing new rules in order to keep the experience authentic. These new restrictions center around “personal and group play” which they define as any activity that’s conducted between players that involve more than two people. This includes Roboquad vending machines, which is causing quite a bit of confusion among users. While Roboquad may be banned from Roblox, so will most of the other vending machines that you’ll come to know and love.


The reason Roblox decided to implement personal play into their system has a lot to do with the “robustness” of their system. Roboquad machines are essentially programmed to accept and give money even when the other player hasn’t yet purchased anything. Roboquads are also connected to the live stream, where a player can see what’s going on in real time. So even though Roboquad isn’t actually banned, many gamers feel that their games are now inaccessible.


The new feature of Roblox that they are introducing will allow players to have an account separate from their Facebook or Twitter account. This will ensure that no matter what happens with Roblox, their social networking lives are still intact. This will allow social networks to flourish without any disruptions from Roblox, who still views online gaming as their primary focus. While some see this as a betrayal of their past dedication to multiplayer gaming, Roblox views it as part of the process of adapting to the changing landscape of online gaming.


Roblox has made it clear that they will be banning inappropriate behavior and allowing players to play within their own safe confines. They have even gone as far as to state that pewdierer bots that were banned from previous Roblox games will not be allowed in this version. Pewdiere Bots was using to draw attention to Roblox games by purposefully spamming chat windows with messages such as “Pewdiere!” and “Pewdiee! Get Back!”


In a press release, Roblox further clarified that the reason behind their ban wave was because of third-party websites that offered to buy Roblox tokens to users in an attempt to circumvent the ban. Roblox states that they will be stepping up their game in an effort to prevent these types of practices in the future. If you happen to be someone who has recently been banned from a Roblox game, you have only yourself to blame for your troubles. Avoiding third-party websites that offered to buy Roblox tokens is imperative in order to play Roblox securely. By doing so, you will enjoy playing for months to come.

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